Mutton dressed up as lamb.


“Imagine what we would accomplish if all the 7 billion people in the world respected each other equally and would have judged lesser and appreciated more!”

Sometimes this thought occurs to me that we all have evolved from chameleons and not apes,because chameleons express themselves differently in every situation and behave according to their adaptations. A perfect simile for humanbeings.All the people of this present era are turning out to be chameleons who behave and change their masks according to the circumstances.Sometimes I feel disheartened because people change and are not as they were before but then again reality is what is inflicted upon you and it dawns on me that it`s not the people who change but their masks fall down.Apologies in the beginning for having used these strong beguiling words but I absolutely feel that almost everyone around me is “toxic” and “wannabe”.The reason to have chosen this topic as my main write up was to highlight mainly how inhuman and perfect we ought to be.I mean don’t we feel disrespectful towards ourselves for having leave behind who we are and start this futile and stupid metamorphosis towards being a person that suits the expectations of this world,don’t you miss the person you were before you decided to be completely new! And don’t you miss the mess you were where you tried to collapse,crumble and make mistakes and this wasn’t a destruction but a birth.(smiles) because you all are stars just like they collapse as a gaseous nebula its right after they look beautiful and sparkly.So are we.

Its always “monkey see monkey do”.We all complaint that people around us aren’t trustworthy anymore and the word PROMISE has lost its real significance,but hey you reader this all comes down to us,you see this is all a vicious circle.All these complication wouldn’t have arrives if we hadn’t embarked on this journey of being perfect,where we judge others.It`s ironic how we are responsible for each others problems.No matter how hard we try “just one mistake and everybody judges you”


All these have culminated together and have contributed to each other’s insecurity and unhappiness. We all judge others for judging others it`s something we all do we all look down on people for looking down on other people even though we all do it too.Also there will be times,most likely peer pressure when you would be criticized to others satisfaction and you may lose yourself but to be honest put up a smile,the best shield for this cruel world and there will always be people your ancillary maybe 2 or 3 but there will be,because quality is way way greater than quantity who would be consistently motivating you and will be there for you.There will be true copies in this world of “make-believe”.well to be really honest I hate it when people see me cry,because I want to be that strong girl and then at the same time though I hate it too how nobody notices how torn apart and broken I am.I don’t want people to appear in my life at times like these with their sad sullen supportive faces when our suffering soothes their sadist-like heart.

I read somewhere that its always about how bold we are to shield and endure these disturbing circumstances because you see the same boiling water softens the potatoes but hardens the egg.Dont ever let yourself settle for anything less because of inability of people to see your worth.Life`s like that.Notice your heartbeat still beating,still fighting,you made it after all!you`re doing just fine.

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